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Tâche Interhumaine 

If you can think it, you can acheive it.   


An other day at school.

Now the kids can have a rest during school day when they feel tired

First week of may students went out for a strike.

May 2014

First week of may about 2 months before the end of the school year, every day of that week frustrated students who attend state run secondary schools called ("lycees") have been protesting over teachers not working in the schools due to wages not being paid to them by the government.

That's cause almost all schools stop working that week but our school didn't stop, children came to school everyday!

At the end of the week the state secondary school teachers have ended their strike for the time being. They met with government officials and are waiting for the state budget to be passed by the senate. Glad the teachers are using patience now with the government and are returning to work.

It looks like the student voices were heard this week by both the Haitian government and their teachers, but still they missed a whole week of school which is not good for them knowing the national exam coming up soon.

Here are some update pictures of the kids enjoying their free school program.